What I do

I lead cross-discipline technical efforts to solve cross-discipline problems.

From properly investigating a problem to creating a solution, there are concepts and practices that are universal.  Regardless of the domain, time and resources are limited, and rigorous approach to problem solving is needed.  Once a technical solution is found, it has to be implemented and brought to market – whether that is a new web app for public consumption, a new business process to reduce overheads, or a change in chemicals added to an industrial process.  Let me show you my data-driven approach to getting things done in any industry!

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I offer:

Ad-hoc consulting – I provide hourly consulting for idea generation, structuring product development efforts, market evaluations, and for planning presales strategies. I also provide technical consulting in areas for which I have appropriate technical experience. 

Technical Project Assistance – I can manage or coach the process of developing and implementing technical solutions.  This includes providing project planning, vetting data collection and analysis, working with internal and external engineering and scientific staff for R&D – all the way to commercializing a solution and ensuring market fit. 

Technology Evaluation – many technology or product proposals would benefit from a confidential and impartial cold-eyes review.  I can help identify where the pitfalls lie, what stage & gate controls may help, and what alternative solutions may exist.  

Software Development and Integration – with an emphasis on scalability, UX and cost-effectiveness.  Common areas and tools include:

  • data mining/machine learning/AI: opencv, tensorflow/keras, Knime
  • web apps: Google Cloud/Firestore, Vue.js/Quasar, three.js, AR.js, tensorflow.js, opencv.js
  • embedded development: RTOS, C++, KiCad (PCB design), Particle.io
  • CFD: openFoam
  • 3D modeling: FreeCad, Salome, Blender
  • custom software: modeling, algorithm development, UI/UX

Whether you need a neutral third party to evaluate technology investment proposals or you need help organizing a product development effort, ask for a free hour consultation to see if I can be a resource to you.